Learn more about all that goes into our 20-plus years of experience collecting and curating planned construction data.


BCI Build Central captures and builds a database of building, infrastructure, mining, and energy construction projects in the United States.  We compile our data first to service the business development needs of firms and then to foster growth with analytical tools and insights into the size, shape and direction of markets.  Our project reports catalog these crucial data points:   
  • Project Details: Scope, Size, Dollar Value of Construction, Square Footage, End Use, Bidding Documents, Geolocation 
  • Timelines: We track projects from planning and construction start all the way through to completion.  We mark the calendar for first added, last updated, contractor bid dates, construction start and construction completion. 
  • Companies: We keep tabs on the firms acting as Owner, Developer, Architect/Engineer, Contractor, Consultants, Operation Management, and other decision-making roles too. 
  • People: For a given firm, we offer public phone and email contact information for appropriate contacts associated with a specific project. 


BCI BuildCentral has been collecting construction market data for over 20 years. Over that time, we’ve been able to rework and finetune our processes. Currently, beyond our 11,000 digital data sources and our research team of 100+ individuals, we draw on four main data inputs:   
  • Electronic Data Harvesting: Harvesters find indication of construction projects in their very early planning stages.  This data undergoes a machine learning process to refine collection methods.  Our dedicated human researchers then review and manually publish the information into our data set, one at a time, every day. 
  • Specialized Research Teams: BCI BuildCentral calls Chicago, Illinois, home, and our geographically dispersed reporters are all full employees. Our product-segmented research teams call, email, research, validate and update projects daily.  Other teams focus on key dates, confirming construction starts and completions, along with other timeline-relevant information. 
  • User-Enabled Requests: Most subscribers to our data have the ability to request on-demand updates of projects, prioritizing update sequences for projects of critical nature. We typically respond to Custom Q&A inquiries within one business day. 
  • External Submission: Owners, contractors and other entities often submit projects to BuildCentral to ensure that we publish on their behalf for competitive quoting and public awareness. 


Data accuracy and precision are of paramount importance to us—our business quite literally depends on it. In addition to our research teams, we self-audit to ensure high attention to detail.
  • Peer-Review: Two members of the research team review every project prior to publishing. 
  • Monthly Audit: Every month, we review our data with three quality standards in mind: Completeness, Timeliness, and Accuracy 
  • Daily Updates: With thousands of users verifying and activating our data daily, our service and response to questions keep project reports up-to-date.