Locate new projects as they are proposed and connect with the appropriate decision-makers before your competitors. Search by stage, location, project type, and much more.

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    Connect with all the decision-makers on a given project to get your products specified and win more customers.

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    Use GEM’s geospatial mapping features to predict any risks associated with a given project. Track companies with our analytics tool to see who the biggest players are, and which territories are growing the fastest.

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    With GEM analytics and market leaders you can find, connect, and win more deals with the top players in the energy and mining industries. Sort for companies by project type, location type, value, and more.

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    Locate projects throughout their construction cycle from proposal through operational and connect with the appropriate decision-makers to win more projects.

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Various industries from manufacturing to finance rely on GEM planned construction data and analytics for lead generation and market research. We track renewable energy projects from solar and wind farms to battery storage and waste-to-energy plants, oil & gas, and mining too. Read on to get a sense for the range of clients we serve.


These days, North American energy and mining projects require a range of diverse, specialized contractors to deliver results safely and in line with project timelines. BCI GEM contractor subscribers find our early-stage mining, oil & gas, and renewable energy project data essential to identifying and becoming trusted partners. The ability to follow projects and companies like owners, developers, and EPC contractors enables users to connect with potential leads when they start on a new development.
  • EPCM contractors
  • EPC contractors
  • FEED contractors
  • Construction contractors
  • Plant contractors
  • Electrical contractors
  • Drill/exploration contractors
  • Owners and developers
  • Engineering consultants
  • Geotechnical consultants
  • Mining subcontractors
  • Renewable Energy developers


Early notification of projects entering consideration, proposal and planning gives our BCI GEM OEMs and other manufacturers the insights they need to become trusted contributors to upcoming projects. Equipment, materials, and emerging innovations necessitate a proactive approach to finding and identifying the right projects early to drive inclusion in design and become part of the bidding and specification holders.
  • Turbine manufacturers
  • Solar Panel manufacturers
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Refinery equipment manufacturers
  • Offshore equipment suppliers
  • Prospecting equipment manufacturers
  • Refinery equipment suppliers
  • Offshore equipment suppliers
  • Prospecting equipment manufacturers
  • Specialty mining process plants
  • Specialty pipeline installation tools
  • Heavy equipment manufacturers


Owners, developers and capital financiers find the BCI GEM portal critical to their understanding of the scope, size, probability, and timeline of proposed projects. Underwriting insights into scale, firm participation, contacts, and other key datapoints offers a look into an industry of new firms, evolving development appetites, and more.
  • Project financing
  • Business lending
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Cost accountants
  • Partners


Institutional investors whose responsibility is to search for and select high-potential projects and companies in a market that is seeing a rush of capital, political emphasis, and subsidies rely on BCI GEM critical to assess the market environment. Which companies are growing? Which are aligned with the experience, know-how, and skill to deliver? Market translation of need and pressure into actionable investment drives 2nd-level entities.
  • REITs
  • Buyers of renewable energy
  • Institutional investors
  • Energy market analysts
  • Energy consultants


Energy generation and conveyance sites require constant monitoring, service, maintenance, and operational capacity to meet demands. Service providers are using BCI GEM to track projects in development, operating generation sites in need of maintenance, and projects seeking renovation work. Specialized service providers use GEM to survey North America for the projects that best fit their offerings.
  • Suppliers
  • Land surveyors
  • Lubricant
  • Windmill maintenance
  • Mechanics