[2022] Top States for Wind Farm Projects

Here, we detail the top states for wind farm projects in the United States. Using BCI’s Global Energy & Mining database (GEM), we’ve compiled data on wind farm projects across the country to give you the best insights into planned or under-construction wind farm projects in each state.

Our Top Wind Turbine Manufacturers blog describes how taking advantage of emission-free sources of renewable energy is crucial to limiting the harmful effects of climate change. The upside isn’t just a cleaner, healthier Earth more amenable to humans. In addition to being environmentally friendly, harnessing wind energy is massively cost-effective. In fact, renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels, and the gap is getting bigger.

Below, we list the top states by total wind farm project value, per a GEM project search for U.S.-based wind farm projects that GEM has added or updated between 11/1/21 and 11/24/21. We filtered our GEM project search for wind farm projects in the Concept, Design & Documentation, Pre-Construction, and Construction stages. We also highlight one significant wind farm project from each state.

In aggregating data on recently-updated wind farm projects, we offer at the very least a starting point as you look to plan for 2022. Read on for those precious insights!


Virginia has one wind farm project worth approximately $9,800 million updated between 11/1/21 and 11/24/21.

two offshore wind turbines

Credit: Dominion Energy

Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project

Dominion Energy Virginia awarded the largest submarine cable contract in U.S. history to Prysmian Group for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project. Because Virginia aims to be carbon-neutral by 2045, this endeavor is of high priority in the state.

Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project project report from GEM


While Virginia has more dollars in planning than Massachusetts, The Bay State has three planned wind farm projects with updates between 11/1/21 and 11/24/21 to Virginia’s two. The projects total $5,705 million in value.

Project infographic

Credit: Mayflower Wind

Mayflower Wind Project

Although the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has begun preparing an Environmental Impact Statement for the Mayflower Wind Project, it’ll take a while to become operational. The offshore wind farm project with up to 2 GW of capacity faces a two-year review process.

Mayflower Wind Project project report from GEM

New York

With four planned or under-construction wind farm projects with updates between 11/1/21 and 11/24/21, New York has $3,401.8 million in wind farm projects planned and under construction.

RWE Image

Credit: RWE

Baron Winds Project – Phase I

The first phase of construction on this 121.8-MW project is already underway, and it’s set to wrap up construction in late 2022. Vestas and Siemens Gamesa, two of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world, are providing 24 and eight wind turbines, respectively.

Baron Winds Project project report from GEM


California has three wind farm projects totaling $3,110 million in value with updates between 11/1/21 and 11/24/21.


Credit: Trident Winds

Morro Bay Wind Farm

The Morro Bay Wind Farm is touted as the future largest offshore wind farm globally. The 650-MW project is at the forefront of California’s stated goal of generating 50 percent of its power output from renewables by 2025. California plans for that number to rise to 100 percent by 2060.

Morro Bay Wind Farm project report from BCI’s GEM.

Rhode Island

Despite Rhode Island’s having just one planned wind farm project with an update between 11/1/21 and 11/24/21, it’s worth a whopping $1,600 million.

Revolution Wind Project

Credit: Revolution Wind

Revolution Wind Project

Although the 704-MW Revolution Wind Project is a massive undertaking, it’s nothing new for project owners Ørsted and Eversource. Ørsted is responsible for the 30-MW Block Island Wind Farm, which was the first offshore wind farm in the United States. Coincidentally, it’s also off the coast of Rhode Island.

Revolution Wind Project project report from GEM

Thus far, these states appear primed to have a big 2022 as far as wind farm projects are concerned. This trend is not, however, merely temporary. Instead, look for states and countries to shift increasingly toward renewables. Not only because are they emission-free, but they also provide opportunities for economic growth.

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