[2022] Notable Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Here, we detail some of the world’s most notable wind turbine manufacturers. Using BCI’s Global Energy & Mining product (GEM), which provides insights not only for future wind and solar power projects, but also for oil, gas, and mining projects, we even include project reports for some of the biggest wind turbine manufacturer’s most significant recent or ongoing projects.

Who are some notable wind turbine manufacturers around the world?

  • CSSC Haizhuang
  • Eocycle
  • Enercon
  • Envision
  • General Electric
  • Goldwind
  • MingYang
  • Nordex
  • Shanghai Electric
  • Siemens Gamesa
  • Sinovel, Suzlon
  • United Power
  • Vestas
  • Windey

Because it is an emission-free source of energy, wind figures to play a crucial role in the effort to power the planet and its systems in the most clean and efficient manner possible. As such, harnessing wind energy, a task primarily performed by wind turbines, is of utmost importance, and wind turbines are in high demand.

That’s where wind turbine manufacturers come in. With a pressing need to take advantage of and continue developing sources of clean energy, wind turbines are among the most effective tools that we have for harnessing clean natural resources. Not only do they preserve the energy generated by a naturally-occurring resource like wind, but wind turbines also do their work in a hugely cost-effective manner.

Wind turbines don’t incur fuel costs in the same way that other power-harnessing machinery does, and their power source is abundant, making it relatively stable in value. Instead of relying on fuel for energy, a wind turbine’s blades are pushed to rotate by wind such that the turbine’s rotor turns its electric generator, generating electricity. Something from nothing.

Notable Wind Turbine Manufacturers

It’s time for the list of notable wind turbine manufacturers.

The below wind turbine manufacturers were identified using BCI’s Global Energy & Mining product. GEM provided project data, including the number of wind farm projects, MW per wind farm, and wind farm project values. These wind turbine manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order.

CSSC Haizhuang (China)

Enercon (Germany)

Envision (China)

Eocycle (Canada)

General Electric (United States)

Goldwind (China)

MingYang (China)

Nordex (Germany)

Shanghai Electric (China)

Siemens Gamesa (Spain)

Sinovel (China)

Suzlon (India)

Guodian United Power (China)

Vestas (Denmark)

Windey (China)

We’ve also gone ahead and included a few sample project reports from GEM for some of the aforementioned wind turbine manufacturers. GEM project reports include contact information for the parties involved in a project, and they often also offer infrastructure information for the project. Here are project reports for General Electric,  MingYang, Nordex, Siemens Gamesa, and Vestas.

General Electric

Screenshot from GEM of a General Electric wind farm project report.

For the above GE Renewable Energy wind farm project, GE is manufacturing 377 wind turbines across four separate wind farms in New Mexico. General Electric is among the most active wind farm manufacturers in the United States, often providing turbines for Midwest-based projects. GE is also quite busy in Australia and Brazil.


Screenshot from GEM of a MingYang wind farm project report.

The above MingYang project report from GEM shows that MingYang has been contracted to manufacture wind turbines for this planned offshore wind farm in the Brazilian state of Ceara. Offshore wind farms are able to harness wind power from gusts over bodies of water.


Screenshot from GEM of a Nordex SE wind farm project report.

This Nordex wind farm project is slated to begin in Australia in February 2022. The GEM project report also includes electrical infrastructure, civil infrastructure, and temporary facility information. Additionally, project and company contacts are included in the report.

Siemens Gamesa

Screenshot from GEM of a Siemens Gamesa wind farm project report.

One of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world, Siemens Gamesa is particularly active in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Brazil. This project in planning, though, calls for a wind farm for which Siemens will provide 27 4.5-MW wind turbines. The project report includes developer, engineer, architect, consultant, and subcontractor contact information. In January 2020, Siemens Gamesa acquired the European onshore wind energy portion of Senvion SE’s business, adding 9 GW and 13 countries to Siemens’ operation.


Screenshot from GEM of a Siemens Gamesa wind farm project report.

For this Canada-based wind farm project in planning, Vestas has been contracted to provide 15 3.6-MW wind turbines. Vestas is one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world, and they even secured a deal in September 2021 for two Ukrainian wind farms in planning, totaling nearly 500 combined MW of wind energy.

Wind turbine manufacturers are uniquely situated as producers of highly efficient and cost-effective products. They operate, then, in positions of great opportunity. Not only can they generate significant business success, but that success can also contribute directly to a cleaner environment. What’s more is that it’s only getting cheaper to use wind energy.

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