[2022] Top States for Renewable Energy Projects

Here, we detail 2022’s top states for renewable energy projects like battery storage, hydropower, waste-to-energy plants, and solar and wind farms. We even offer GEM project reports for some of the top five states’ most notable projects. 

Embracing renewable energy sources and moving away from fossil fuels are and will continue to be crucial to limiting the dangerous effects of climate change. Sources of renewable energy like battery storage, hydropower, waste-to-energy plants, and solar and wind farms are not only highly efficient, but they are also massively cost-effective. Renewables are already cheaper than fossil fuels, and their prices seem only to fall.

In addition to mining, oil, and gas, BCI’s Global Energy & Mining product (GEM) tracks wind and solar farm projects. In order to forecast some of the hottest markets for renewable energy projects in 2022 and beyond, we dug through GEM to see which U.S. states are busy planning and developing renewable energy projects. 

Using GEM, we filtered our project search for U.S.-based renewable energy projects either in the concept, design and documentation, pre-construction, or construction stages with updates at or after 11/1/21. These states are listed in order according to the total dollar value of battery storage, hydropower, waste-to-energy, solar power, and wind power projects that are in one of the aforementioned planning or construction stages, per GEM as of 11/17/21. 

Renewable energy project dollars in planning and under construction by state, per a query of GEM for hydropower, waste-to-energy, wind, and solar power projects with updates at or after 11/1/21. States in dark red exceed $1 Billion in total projects in planning/under construction.

What are the top states for renewable energy projects in 2022?

  • Virginia
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Indiana
  • Maine


Virginia has $10,705 million in planned or under-construction renewable energy projects.

Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project 

Ultimately, the wind farm will have 190 wind turbines with 2,652 MW of capacity.


Massachusetts has $5,705 million’s worth of renewable energy projects planned or underway.

Vineyard Wind 1 Project 

62 wind turbines will supply Vineyard Wind 1’s 800-MW capacity.

New York

New York has $5,001.8 million committed to planned or commenced renewable energy projects.

Horseshoe Solar Energy Centre

Horseshoe’s solar farm will have a 180-MW capacity.


$2,305 million in renewable energy projects are currently being planned or constructed in Texas.

Waco Solar and Storage Project

The project will add a solar farm and 205.9-MW battery storage.


Ohio is home to $1,744 million in planned or commenced renewable energy projects.

Honey Creek Wind Farm

Honey Creek Wind Farm’s 360-MW capacity will be powered by its 75 wind turbines.

Rhode Island

Revolution Wind Project accounts for all of Rhode Island’s $1,600 million currently committed to renewable energy projects in planning or under construction.

Revolution Wind Project

Revolution Wind Project’s 704-MW wind farm will maintain 100 offshore wind turbines.


Iowa has $1,150 million in renewable energy projects either planned or already underway.

Plymouth Wind Energy Center

The 200-MW wind farm will feature 73 wind turbines.

Kentucky: $957 million

Kentucky can boast $957 million in planned or underway renewable energy projects.

Sebree Solar Project

The project entails a 250-MW solar farm.


$722 million have been put into planned and under-construction renewable energy projects in Indiana.

Indiana Crossroads Wind Farm

The 302-MW wind farm will have 80 wind turbines.


Maine is home to $700 million in planned and underway renewable energy projects.

 Athens Ridge Solar Project

The project will be a 3.8-MW solar farm.

Renewables are here to stay, especially as governments lean toward adopting renewables because moving way from fossil fuels actually brings significant savings. These states and others have committed lots of money toward developing and maintaining technologies that aid in harnessing renewable energy. That trend can be expected to continue: more cities, states, and countries will likely further embrace renewable energy sources because, beyond being increasingly popular and beneficial in slowing climate change, it quite literally pays to do so.

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